Visual Basic (Unit-1) Questions

  1. what is visual basic? Explain its important features along with its hardware requirement.
  2. What is the difference between event driven programming and procedure oriented programming?
  3. Explain IDE of Visual Basic in detail.
  4.  Write short notes-
    1. Controls
    2. Properties
    3. Events
    4. Methods
    5. Forms
    6. Projects.
  5. Explain-
    1. Variables
    2. Constants
    3. Data Type
    4. Scope of Variable
    5. Data Conversion Function.
  6. What is Operator? Explain its type.
  7. Explain different types of conditional statements using suitable examples.
  8. Explain different types of looping statements using suitable examples.
  9. Write short notes-
    1. msgbox()
    2. inputbox()

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